NMES Training

The eSWALLOW online training program is based on an advanced online training module proven successful. Each SLP will be granted access to the secure internet training site. Each SLP will also receive a sample pack containing 2 electrodes. Coursework is delivered through interactive media in a step-by-step manner. This use of multi-media content has been proven to be highly successful in the computer online learning environment. The site can be accessed at your convenience anytime, 24 hours a day, allowing SLPs unlimited flexibility in their training schedule. The schedule can easily be completed using a few hours per day over a period of several weeks, all at the SLP's convenience.

Upon successful completion of the online training, each SLP will be required to complete a minimum of 4 hours of training under the supervision of a SLP who is certified in the use of NMES, and has utilized NMES in treatment for at least one year.

Coursework will include detailed presentations on:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the swallow mechanism.
  • The five phases of the swallow are examined with a focus on the issues that are likely to afflict each phase.
  • Pathophysiology of swallowing including swallowing interventions specific to impairment.
  • Characteristics of electrical stimulation and its effect on muscle tissue.
  • Characteristics of NMES for the treatment of dysphagia including electrode placement specific to impairment.

This unique mix of computer online learning and "one-on-one electrode placement training" provides for an outstanding learning experience. When compared with traditional continuing education seminars, the eSWALLOW program excels with its' convenient and cost effective learning advantages.

As always, eSWALLOW USA is seeking to broaden and further the life-saving and enriching results of the treatment of dysphagia. eSWALLOW USA electrodes and stimulation unit are FDA approved for NMES treatment of dysphagia.


Course prerequisites are as follows:

  • SLP with current licensure in state of practice.
  • SLP in compliance with state and national practice acts.
  • Experience and knowledge in dysphagia management.


Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who:

  • Complete the online training with successful completion post-test of each section with 80% accuracy.
  • Completion of minimum 4 hours training under supervision of qualified SLP.


This course is offered for 2.0 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)

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